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hey there

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hello, I'm a Christian high school student studying in Asia who's really interested in philosophy. I'm working on Richard Rorty for my final year research paper. I feel that philosophy is both a 'hobby' and a 'way of life' for me, though these two categories are not mutually exclusive. As a 'hobby', I'm into a lot of major branches of analytic philosophy (though not i'm not very well-versed in any)and a lot of the more recent academic trends which bridge the analytic-continental divide. Philosophy as a 'way of life' needs no explanation, i guess; i think that philosophy is a continuous quest for answers for my own life, and for finding answers to the problems in the lives of others too (especially in this philosophically-starved culture)

Hope to have constructive conversations with you guys. Cheers!
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Re: hey there

Post by mickthinks »

Welcome cryiya91

Constructive philosophical conversation is one of the hardest things to find on the internet, and if you can help to generate it, we are very glad you've found us.

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Re: hey there

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You are a Christian. I was an Atheist but converted to Islam.

I hope we have a good fight.

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