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Age wrote: Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:07 am
Envelope wrote: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:26 pm Great, you get it! You just described it your own way.

Now the next step is to identify the cause of greed.

The cause of greed is our historical situation of having to struggle for survival, which causes this greedy orientation in our physiologies. Our physiologies are plastic though, hence we can start working on it. And there are many ways, the many schools of psychotherapy available today have answers for everyone. Each person can find their preferred method.
But, to me, the cause of greed is not because of having to struggle for survival at all.

In fact 'we', human beings, have NEVER had to struggle to survive. Some just have this misconception that we have.

Also, how many people really want 'psychotherapy'? How many people really think that they need 'psychotherapy'?

If there are really not that many, then how are these people going to work out WHY they are greedy? How many people would even recognize or would even admit that they are greedy in the first place, in order to seek out psychotherapy?

And how many of those schools of psychotherapy available that have answers for every one would a person have to go through before they find the one with their own preferred method?

Also, if the reason every one is greedy is just because of human beings historical situation of "having to struggle for survival", then why would any one need to go to a psychotherapy school to just be informed of this "fact"?
Envelope wrote: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:26 pmBut for humans to recognize our greed and then to work on it, we need help. And in the first place this help could be in the form of a culture around you that tells you that you need to find your psychotherapy school. This is why I think a culture of self-development needs to be spread. Self development doesn't end in a perfect image of yourself, but it outpours into the social realm, hence this culture will spawn collaboration and connection between people.
Is this culture of self-development, which you say needs to be spread, based on being available to be free for ALL people, or is it some thing that people will be charged a fee for?

If there is a form of culture around that tells you that you "need" to find your psychotherapy school, then really what is the difference between that culture and the current culture, of when this is written, where a form of culture is continually you that you "need" things, which you also then 'need' to pay for?

Also, who really likes being told, "You NEED to find your psychotherapy school", anyway? The 'psychotherapy' word can have a very strong negative connotation to it.

And, the self-development that I see occurring does in fact lead to the revealing of, and thus the discovery of, the True Self, which leads to the KNOWING of Thy Self or 'Who 'I' am?'. This ultimately ends in a perfect image of Thy Self. This, to me, is what will Truly unite ALL people together. If ALL are SEEN as equal, then ALL can Truly unite together.
Envelope wrote: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:26 pmAs things progress forward, to turn into adults we need to start taking responsibility. So, if we have been lucky enough to have been given the support to recognize our greed and work on it, then we can also start working toward taking the responsibility for ourselves and our environment.
What would you say to an adult that gives them the support to recognize that it is them who is greedy and it is them the reason WHY the "world" has ALL the problems that it does? For example what could I say to 'you', envelope, so that you would recognize that it is 'you' WHY the "world" is in the mess it is in now? What support would you want and need in order for you to start to make the change so that the "world" would be healed of all of its ills?
Envelope wrote: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:26 pmTherefore we'll start to take care of everything we need, like food for example, and rather than mindlessly buy it off the shelves we can start learning how to grow it. While growing it we will come in contact with the earth and learn to respect it and take care of it.
But people are to busy working to find the time to grow any thing. They HAVE TO "work" in order to get more money to buy the things that the culture around them keeps telling them that they "need", and "need" more of, to keep living and surviving, things like; beauty products, clothing, continually newer gadgets, newer cars, newer houses, newer and more diets, newer and more alcohol, newer and more books on diets, newer and more books on self-development, more fast food, and more of the other completely unnecessary stuff we tell each other we NEED to live AND survive.

People do not have the time to grow any thing because they live in a culture where they "need" to work more, in order to keep giving the people with more money now ever more and more money. ALL adults have been pressured into adopting radically distorted beliefs by a culture, which uses systemic and forcible psychological techniques to trick them into believing those distorted things that are believed to be true.
Envelope wrote: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:26 pmAnd this attitude of replacing our dependence from the system with knowledge of how to do everything we need will just escalate to any area of society until the whole system will be completely replaced.
You first need to explain HOW you STOP your own self from being greedy, and explain HOW you changed, before we could really start LOOKING AT how to replace our dependency from this system, which in turn then changes the 'whole system'.
Envelope wrote: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:26 pmIn doing this we will not be taking up responsibility as hermits but as groups because of the reason I said in the previous paragraph and since our nature allows us to directly keep in contact with only a small number of people we will likely be doing this in little tribes, which will obviously be connected between each other and not in a state of conflict since everyone will have learnt how to respect and take care of their environment because of the work that they do, and therefore replacing the centralized structure of our political system with a more distributed structure.
But the group that supports to take up responsibility is the group that is now telling you, when this is written, that every thing is already being taken care of, like food for example. The "support" is here now telling you to just keep working and keep buying things, like food, and then every thing will be just fine.

Why would greedy people tell you any thing different?

So, how can we actually start getting greedy people to admit that they are greedy, and then getting them to WANT to stop being greedy?
Envelope wrote: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:26 pmThis is the vision
That is A vision. If it is workable or not to achieve the outcome sort, then we will have to know more things first.
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