World Salvage-ation?

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Pan Ophidian
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World Salvage-ation?

Post by Pan Ophidian » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:47 pm

Greetings! Pan Ophidian here. Cosmologist Extraordinaire. Prophesied Child bearing The KEY of it ALL, being THE Cosmic Rosetta Stone for Breaking the Cosmic Code of the Cosmos, availing the hitherto unattainable?
"Not MY Fault, just the Facts, Ma'am."
This Breakthrough Revelation --- Missing Perspective --- now accessible to you, not only reveals the Lost Fount of our world’s Greatest Faiths, making the awakening promise of their initiate mysteries immediately palpable, intimately personal, but, most amazingly --- in all that today’s cutting-edge science calls reality --- is about be fully realized, as we have just divined via our most discerning physicists, as the only surprising Truth, the only Ultimate Reality, that is.
It can be seen at once as the most ancient of religious truths --- older than Egypt --- and in the same instant as the only ideal New Age reality experientially accessible to us. It possesses a beauty and efficacy so simple it can even be understood by children.
The rediscovery of this ancient cosmic mystery within us will be very much like the primordial epiphany that made an entire world of Spirit rise before the eyes of past generations, and once fully recognized as a Promise of our own potential –- a Promise to be realized, a tremendous metamorphosis of human nature, thus relation, must certainly follow. What is at issue is nothing less than the very Meaning of Religion itself.
It is a Most Momentous BREAKTHROUGH in Higher Holistic Comprehension, directly, most intimately, Accessible to ALL. A Once-and-Future hitherto Missing Perspective, if you will, Promising Planetary Apotheosis (or Jung's INDIVIDUATION) that Clearly REVEALS and AVAILS the PRESENCE of the World Soul as Never Before.
"Have you ever looked at it THIS WAY?"

But what seems to be most pressing for all of us in this moment, I believe, inescapably factors in the following?
The Union of Concerned Scientists, which included the late Stephen Hawking, warned us TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO about facing an apocalyptic future if we don't "Make a Great Change in Stewardship." A future of depleted resources, barren oceans, the collapse of all biodiversity in our world.
Ecosystem "irretrievably mutilated."
"Desperate times."
"Vast human misery."
And TODAY, twenty-five years later, deforestation still clips along unheeded at a record pace, water sources drying up, species continuing to domino unchecked toward mass extinction, oceans being fished dry, all marine life near wiped out. Human population reaching maximum capacity, straining limited resources, unsustainable, and still surging.
By wretchedly destroying our Very Nature, we are haplessly committing suicide as a species.
Yet, so imperiled, humanity still hasn't Awakened Enough to muster the necessary steps urgently required to deliver us from this careless fate. The Death of our precious little Emerald Oasis. The END of All Life as we know it.
Add Twenty-Two bloody WARS being waged in all but ten countries, both civil and national, over a dozen on the African Continent alone; children still expiring from starvation every minute if not fatally wasted by pleurisy; tens of millions drinking mud for water. Not to mention the ever-looming threat of a nuclear winter?
There is a certain URGENCY? Yet collectively we seem to have fatally accepted this ill fortune, resigned to find Peace and Joy, escapist LIFE, in our smaller lesser orbits. The plight of our Greater World obviously a conundrum too great to masticate, to Champion. "Whatever God wills!"
INTACT, and Awake, I for one have one-pointedly devoted my life to ANSWERING our World Soul's plight. And, amazingly enough, with the Assistance of Isis, known to Goethe as Providence, have damn well Mustered the DOABLE Means.
That is, with a little help from friends, ahem.

Thus I'm here, not only to share what is the Most Invaluable Empowering INSIGHT in the Entire History of Humankind, but Seeking Game Intelligent Life, Up To implementing a Doable PLAN to Impress the Collective Brow and possibly Alter Absolutely Everything in our World deemed unacceptable to a Fully Enlightened Society.
Anyone interested?

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