Greetings, from Dead City

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Greetings, from Dead City

Post by mind_carnage » Fri Dec 14, 2007 6:58 am

Hi, fellow .....whatever we are LOL. I'm a middle-aged guy who's been into tackling philosophical problems for fun for a couple decades. Yeah, that's can extrapolate from that, that friends are scarce around me LOL. Ever since I began hinting to friends about the idea of Determinism, even the few people I have left around me are beginning to threaten my physical well-being.

I hail from Pennsylvania, USA, and a town I lovingly refer to as "Dead City," because it's a town where brain cells are in short supply, if you understand my meaning. I'm just looking to see if there is any other intelligent life out 'there,' or maybe evolution might need to take another crack at finding a successful life form to run the planet.

I just found this site for the first time, today, and decided to register. So, I hope you'll all cut me some slack if I don't fall into the clique around here very quickly. I'm not generally "one of the herd," I assure you. Also, the 'carnage' part of my name comes from the Spider-man villain of the same name, because I always thought he was kind of cool.

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