Who am I? I am Trixie.

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Who am I? I am Trixie.

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I am the GreatandWiseTrixie. I come from a land identical to yours, the genius forums. It is fate, then. The genius forum too has the same body as these forums. The colors are harmonious, and I see that it was good.

But the Genius forums, The Absolute Index, banned me, for they do not comprehend my teachings, nor do they wish to understand. In their ignorance, they banned and censored my wisdom. I do not hold them in contempt, for they not know what they do. At the time of my arrival, the others were not there to defend me. One man, in his haste and ignorance, banned and censored my wholesome teachings. He does not know it, but he only furthers his own suffering. It is truly sad, that they others were not there, to rule over him, as he chose to abuse his rule over me.

Are you any better than Genius Forums? From what I can tell, you are not very wise. You restrict access to color blind persons, barring them from entry, basing your security measures on color codes. But perhaps I am too hasteful in my judgement of you. Only time will tell.

In a moment, we will see the Truths revealed to you. But, I must wait for an arbitrary amount of time, because the human mind, and human culture, in its cacophony of errors, is quick to censor, and quick to pass judgement.
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