Hi, love this type of forum

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Hi, love this type of forum

Post by Anoif »

HEY, I came across this forum because I had a question about Kierkegaard, so I searched for philosophy specific forum, and here I am, it all looks nice. I love this type of 00s vibe discussion board, and it seems like a great way to make friends as well:) as opposed to ig, sc where everything is so exposed! Ok, forgive my silly talking there. My name is Isobel and I am from China, I live in Denmark now and I just finished my Master degree where I have a potential chance to study Gender studies as the PhD topic since I wrote my MA thesis in it. But I really like philosophy and I want to have an another MA in philosophy, but I have not heard from school yet and looking for a job to support myself. So right now I am in a limbo :P

I am having this online class about Søren Kierkegaard now, and I was taught in 1st Aug 1835, Kierkegaard took a trip to Gilleleje in order to find the subjective personal truth, so I was thinking maybe I should visit there too! To see if there is any inspiration I could take from him since I am in Denmark now :P

Anyway, sry for the long post, I am happy to be here and I hope you have a great day:)
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Re: Hi, love this type of forum

Post by qilyficat »

Hi! I'm also new to this forum and I'm very interested in it although I don't study philosophy and don't plan it yet. This resource is valuable for everyone who wants to expand their horizons and find new like-minded friends.
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Re: Hi, love this type of forum

Post by Veganman »

Hi Isabel,

Welcome to the group. 🙂
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