hi all

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hi all

Post by NEW » Wed May 15, 2019 9:31 am

hi all,

some time ago I found out about this website and magazine, including a discussion forum.

a very nice combination indeed.

A bit about myself?

I’m a bit of a generalistic, abstract, (non) conceptual, brainstorming, all around creative, artistic, designer, nutty, eccentric, a bit of a hermit type of person. always wandering around, from field to field, opinion to opinion, ...battling Socrates every day, and every evening ending up having a drink and a chat with him instead ... :wink:
If I got one speciality, it's more trying to deal with climate change and Q-thinking ao things.

(don't worry ...all fancy words to say I haven't got a clue either :lol: )

I was always interested in philosophy, because the questions on itself are very interesting, to say the least,
but never got around taking actual classes around it towards a degree or something more “professional”.
I always wanted to “do” philosophy more, instead of just studying around the history of philosophy, about what other people in the past have written about it, just like Plato, Socrates ao did I guess …so I went to bars instead, killing braincells :lol:

Consider me one of those persons, when young, expected to get some answers when I got older,
and in return, all I got was … more questions (isn’t that the case for anyone? :wink: )

good thing that I like the questions on themselves I guess ...

anyway, I’m really happy to meet you all,
and see you out there in the circus of life,in this forum perhaps ...

cy later :)

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