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From aestetics - some Swedish experiences

Posted: Fri May 01, 2020 9:15 am
by Ansiktsburk
Wrote like this there, really nothing for aesthetics:

Yep, people are dying like flies over here compared to other Scandinavian countries.

A lot of talk of “flock immunity” and what not, our medical authority is very much on a non-lockdown tone. We should shelter our old blah blah. Well, The Virus is all over the nursing home.

Problem here, since the days of noblesse social democrat Olof Palme, we have the worst bourgeoisie class probably in the world. The upper midde class. The sons and daughters of the “Elite” either goes right and become libertarians or left and pushes for stuff like a totally irresponsible mass immigration.

You can understand it like - our care of elder is private. The companies that provide this care tries to hold down costs as much as possible by hiring immigrants, poorly educated people that need to take the bus or subway to come to work. No restrictions there - and fat surprise the virus gets into the nursing homes.

And meanwhile, the bourgeoise sits in cafes all over the place without any social distancing.

If you guys ever heard anything about sweden being a model country, that was earlier generations of working people and a responsible class of leaders, familes where people really worked hard for the companies they were responsible for. People In Sweden born before the boomer generation were good people. Countries around the world seem to have recovered better from the flower power years and from the Reagan libertarianism. . In my mind, there is no doubt that the thousands of deaths in Sweden , when our neighbors have hundreds, can be fully blamed on the swedish bourgeoisie.