The Largest Number is 1

What is the basis for reason? And mathematics?

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The Largest Number is 1

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The largest integer is that which is observed.

As observed the largest integer is continually changing with the observation.

As continually changing the largest integer is a number approaching infinity: (n --> inf)

As approaching infinity the number is a number plus that which is approaching infinity considering that which is observed is always a finite number which is fixed: x+(n --> inf)

Each largest integer is not only a that which is plus a fixed number but a series of fixed numbers thus necessitating not only one continuum but a continuum inside a continuum:

This necessitates each finite number as not only fundamentally changing but unfixed except as cycling back to the original equation of (n --> inf). To observe a finite number is to observe a point of change from one number into another thus when observing a continuum each number exists as a continuum in itself. This continuum can be reflected in the series of 1's which compose the number. Each number is a series of 1's as 1 in itself.

1 is a series of changing numbers thus is void in an of itself. Each number as a series of numbers is each series as a center point of change from one series into another. For example the series of 1-->2-->3 observes the series as composed of series of 1 as 1 --> 1+1 --> 1+1+1. This series exists as a single series in itself. However in approaching a number of infinity the series as composed of 1 is in itself approaching 1 perpetually.

Each finite number is thus a series of change as a point of change itself. Finiteness is a point of change, to observe an ever changing continuum is to observe sub continuums which form it.
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