The Contradictory Nature of Quantification

What is the basis for reason? And mathematics?

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The Contradictory Nature of Quantification

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:19 pm

1. If I quantify a phenomena as X, I effectively separate it from all surrounding phenomenon, resulting in further quantities.

2. To quantify "x" is effectively to result in a dualistic number/quality as "y" fundamentally equivalent to not x, thus resulting in a dualism synthesize through "z" as both "x and y" but still subject to the same nature as "x" and "y" necessitating "a" as a variable relative to "z".

3. Cycling back to point 1 and 2, we are left with every act of quantification leading to a state of indefiniteness due to its continual nature of perpetual quantification premised in a dualistic nature, with this dualistic nature observing a state of opposition as contradiction still quantified as "2".

The paradox occurs, as "x" is subject to an infinite number of quantities, and yet the nature of number is dependent upon the "variable" as a form of "variation" and in itself is a "quantity" dependent upon an inherent qualitative number, that while existing as an through number, is not number in and of itself thus existing as a dichotomy.

The paradox extends further as itself, that while the variable exists inseparable from number itself, it is subject to an infinite variation of numbers and as such is equivalent to an "infinity" where any logical statement or equation effectively is a localization in itself; thus existing as a variable.

The variable in turn as a number, as it is quantifiable as a phenomenon in itself and existing as further quantities (ex: x=(1,2,3...) observer 1(x) and 1(1,2,3...)), is subject to multiple states where x=1, x=2, x=3,... observes y(x).

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