Algebra is Contradictory in Nature through the Number Line.

What is the basis for reason? And mathematics?

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Algebra is Contradictory in Nature through the Number Line.

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:26 pm

The contradictory nature of algebra.

1. Algebra is dependent upon variables. These variables are infinite in number.

2. The statement x+y=z observes an infinite number of variables.

3. Each variable effectively exists as a number line.

A. (1,2,3,4...)+(2,3,4,5...)=(3,5,7,9...)
B. (-1,0,1...)+(1,2,3...)=(0,2,4...)
4. Where each variable exists as a number line each variable is a localization of the same number line.

5. Hence each variable is in a state of superposition where x=y=z eventually and the equation is merely an approximation of the number line where x,y,z will always equal eachother and "1" as "1" series in themselves.

A. (X,Y,Z)= 1(3,5,7,9...)

B. (X,Y,Z)= 1(0,2,4,6...)

6. X,Y,Z will always simultaneously not equal eachother because of there positions, hence algebra is premised on the contradictory oppositions between number lines.

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