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Fractals are Fractions through the Number Line.

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:42 pm
by Eodnhoj7
All fractals are fractions through the number line; therefore necessitating numbers as spatial axioms.

Spatial axioms are self evident, but exist through infinite multiplicity; hence accounting for all possibility.

1. A fraction is the number of time one number fits inside of another.

2. A fractal is a repetitive form of progressive symmetry changing in size.

3. All numbers exist through a number line, because of their progressive nature. 1 exists because it is directed to 2 as 1 directed towards 1. The same applies for 3, as 1 directed towards 1 as 1=2, further directed towards 1 as 3.

4. 1 is a progressive linear direction.

5. As a line, 1 is composed of fractals/fractions. The line folded in half results in 1/2 and a fractal. The same applies for 1/3, etc.

6. The number as a line equates all fractions and fractals as the same.

7. As a line of infinite numbers, is 1 in itself, 1 is equivalent to infinity.

8. Each number, as a line on the number line, in turn is composed of infinite fractions/factals.

9. All numbers are multiple infinities.

10. All multiple infinities exist as one number in themselves.

11. All numbers are directed localized movement axioms through linear space.