John Rawls & Justice

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John Rawls & Justice

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Helen McCabe considers the arguments over Rawls’ theory of justice. ... nd_Justice
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Re: John Rawls & Justice

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I'll have to admit that over the past few issues I was beginning to question the wisdom of buying a subscription. The amount of material I found enjoyable was rather thin. This issue has been completely different. I think I've enjoyed every single article so far.

McCabe's article on justice is just one example. I thought it gave an excellent, balanced overview of theories of justice along with their faults - from Rawl's theory that justice is the first virtue and that the rich in some way owe the poor as long as they obey the law to his opponent, Nozik, who countered with the idea that we are self-owning individuals who don't have any basic obligations but that justice comes from a mutual respect of the rights of self-ownership.
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