The Success & Failure of Non-Violence

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Re: The Success & Failure of Non-Violence

Post by Nick_A » Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:38 am

“If Mr. Gandhi can protect his sister from rape through non-violent means, then I will be a pacifist.” Simone Weil
I'll stick with Simone on this one.

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Re: The Success & Failure of Non-Violence

Post by Arising_uk » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:15 pm

the dankster wrote:I'm not sure that suggestion is tenable at all. There was no meaningful violence until October 1943, and by that point self-rule had already been all but assured and all that was being negotiated was the time frame. On top of that, the efforts at violence were rather pathetic, the INA surrendered in 1945 having accomplished almost nothing on the battlefield. At most, it was the enormous pro-INA sentiments expressed by the Indian people, therefore demonstrating that continued British control over the population was unlikely to be tenable, that led the INA's mostly symbolic move to have any accelerating effect on the timeline at all. ...
I stand corrected but I do think this '...control over the population was unlikely to be tenable,' was because they knew that violence would be in the offing given the actions, few tho' they were, of the radical parties.
Yes, likely. Nearly everything King achieved occurred before the Black Panthers even formed. There is a strong argument that the rise and subsequent fall of the Black Panthers is what caused Civil Rights gains to stall out at that point.
Again I stand corrected.

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