A Philosophical Illumination or A Delusion?

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A Philosophical Illumination or A Delusion?

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Psychiatrist Eva Cybulska provides a psychological interpretation of Nietzsche’s Eternal Return.

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Re: A Philosophical Illumination or A Delusion?

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The philosopher who forgot to breathe.

Delusion...... In a sense some of of his sharper ideas are already expressed in Emerson and nothing new there.

I will say this though, Nietzches delusion is far far better than most folks intellectualized illusions. And that's why we still talk about him. Yes he is mad but what the hell what's madness? If I have a fantasy, I function, and I am convinced my fantasy is fact and other do too what is nuttier, Nietzches writings or those convinced they have facts and they culturally function and yet their facts are but a mere fantasy?.

Nietzches ultimately succumbed to what he feared.the most, insanity, and his insanity was a product of his understanding which really is very pedestrian and normal. He simply became what he hated a completely pedestrian, intellectual, scholar with a flair for writing who forgot to breathe. He is very very uninteresting really not much insight starting with himself or nature for that matter . That ultimately is his audience as well. They find affirmation in that.
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