The Elusiveness of Memory

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The Elusiveness of Memory

Post by Philosophy Now » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:43 pm

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Re: The Elusiveness of Memory

Post by d63 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:44 pm

Having been temporarily relieved of the day to day responses to either something I read that day or an inspirational point made by a respected peer, or a rebuke to some troll, I’d like to address something inspired by Raymond Tallis in a recent Philosophy Now article –maybe issue 119. (This started as a Facebook post and ended somewhere else.) He brought up the issue of how materialist accounts of consciousness (the neuromaniacs (fail to explain how it is the pings, grunts, and silences in the meat of the brain translate into what we experience as consciousness.

And I would humbly submit my theory. Once again, I would argue that it lies in the evolutionary feedback loop between body, brain, and environment. In this sense, the brain acts as ambassador for the body to the environment it is always working to negotiate.

Now granted, from the logic of a reasonable phenomenological perspective, everything that seems to be happening out there is actually happening in the brain. At the same time, I would argue (based on a conditional realism (that what we experience as consciousness may be the result of brain language being pulled out of itself resulting in a kind of ethereal interface (that which results from the non-linear feedback loop between body, brain, and environment( between the environment and the brain. In other words, we might look at what we experience as consciousness as actually “out there” as compared to “in the brain”.

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