Time, Reciprocal Containment, & The Ouroboros

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Time, Reciprocal Containment, & The Ouroboros

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Re: Time, Reciprocal Containment, & The Ouroboros

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While time may be observed, symmetrically, through the nature of the ouroboros as perpetual movement the problem occurs as to the nature of "constants" or "stability" being properly defined.

These concepts manifest themselves with some degree of evidence through the nature of time, however inherently must reflect something deeper. While certain aspects of these concepts morph through the perpetual movement of time, the vary observation of them implies something that transcends time itself. This nature of transcendence past movement provides some foundation for the nature of definition, part of which can be observed in the ouroboros itself.

The inherent act of relying upon a constant geometric nature implies, that while the ourboros is a thing in itself, some aspects of it reflect some other dimension that exists alongside itself.

Perpetual movement, as time, gives grounding for stable elements to be observed within the nature of knowledge as "perpetual movement" is duely a "constant" in a separate respect.

At best the Ouroboros symbolizes the inherent cyclic nature of physical reality that is present in both atoms, stars and much of the behavior exhibited by the people in between. At its worst it manifests itself as a philosophical locking mechanism that prevents the observation of any further knowledge.
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