What Are Human Rights?

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What Are Human Rights?

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Tim Dare considers how far human rights claims can stretch.

https://philosophynow.org/issues/118/Wh ... man_Rights
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Re: What Are Human Rights?

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Tim Dare writes "Ideally, we should preserve the term ‘rights’ to describe feasible and enforceable claims accompanied by duties."

Presumably by the term 'should' in this instance he means that if what he proposes comes to pass that he would benefit in some way?
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Re: What Are Human Rights?

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Human Rights has problems. It always hasn't acted accordingly. Humans have not really thought about it. Nevertheless, a lot of people started becoming aware of it, mainly because people became smarter and more sophisticated over the years. We slowly became better thinkers.

God, it is not so easy to explain human rights and how people understand it. We learned to understand it through the happening of wars. The happening of wars got us more aware and smarter, to avoid them. The happening of nuclear war, although we didn't seem conscious of it, made us act better and become aware of human rights.

It is really the West who started human rights. Then it has slowly become the rest of the world to fallow us.
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