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Philosophy Regains its Senses

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:59 am
by Philosophy Now
Ray Boisvert describes the disdain which many philosophers down the ages have had for food, and the dire consequences this has had for their philosophy. ... its_Senses

Re: Philosophy Regains its Senses

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:03 pm
by morganna swish
So, is Rick Lewis a stomach-ignoring philosopher, or whot?

Why is there not a 'Philosophy of Food' forum ?

Questions are hanging out there...and here...

I reckon I am a stomach-affirming type. Currently 5 kgs overweight.
But I have a bold plan...gonna read some he a doctor ?
Richard Watson was a trailblazer of sorts. In 1985, the Washington University professor published a book which combined dieting tips with ruminations on the big questions of life. The combination was not so far fetched as it seemed. The very word ‘diet’ is derived from a Greek term meaning ‘mode of life.’ Since a proper mode of living involves good nutrition, the word soon took on connotations associated with food. Watson called his book The Philosopher’s Diet: How to Lose Weight and Change the World. If his title played on the original, now lost, sense of ‘diet’, his philosophical colleagues would probably not have noticed. For them, food and food practices were alien and unwelcome intrusions into a rarefied atmosphere where people could debate forever on whether a brain in a vat, suitably wired to stimulate sensation, might think that it was actually a complete human being roaming about in the world
Is it time to eat The Brain in a vat?
Stomach-affirming philosophers can finally put an end to reflection which has selected an unreal, fantasy state as its starting point. They can begin to concern themselves with real worries, genuine concerns, the problems of humans, not the problems of philosophers. They can approach the world as live creatures in a live world. Stomach-gifted creatures are constantly asking questions, not only what is for dinner, but how can we articulate a philosophy devoted to ‘artful living’.

© Ray Boisvert 2001
Is it better to get leaner and the real world?
Who really cares about Mary and zombies anyway...only philosophers.
On the other hand, a red tomato...yum :)

I think a forum dedicated to Food would be yummy, what do you think ?

Re: Philosophy Regains its Senses

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:09 pm
by morganna swish
Lol - just read this...
I now stand here consuming large portions of humble-pie and lashings of embarrassment. Your comment was funny and correct and I can only say sorry for my response. I plead stress as the result of having to break my custom of not interacting with the forum to deal with certain issues, that and a poor education. This incident has reminded me why I as moderator should not post here. Many thanks for your forbearance.
Eating humble pie...

No excuses, AMod, you know you haven't been eating right :wink: