People dont understand me by my speech

What did you say? And what did you mean by it?

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Re: People dont understand me by my speech

Post by gaffo » Sun May 12, 2019 3:02 am

A_Seagull wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 1:17 am
gaffo wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 1:02 am
A_Seagull wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 12:56 am

I think you are confusing Patrick Magee .. who was in Zulu with Patrick McGoohan who was in the TV series the Prisoner.
no, but you made a point i was not aware of - Magee was in Zulu? i missed that - loved him in The Avengers (and his other parts - Hitchcock TV show/etc).

no. my reference to McGoohan was per Hell Drivers - he was a great actor and also good in that movie - i know he was not in Zulu.

i did rant a bit, so understand the confusion, thanks for reply though!


you are fast on the trigger finger (reply), a fighter pilot?


Getting back to the OP... I think it is interesting to note that some the best speaking actors eg Caine and Burton, came from a lilting background.. (cockney and welsh) where the rhythm of what is being spoken is as important as the words themselves. There are subtle pauses to allow for breathing and for the listener to take on board what is being said. A continuous stream of words is difficult to follow as the words are strung together and difficult to understand as the gaps for 'punctuation' are missing.

accents interest me.

where you from Seagull? - none of my business BTW.

as an american i do not find the "Sing song" relivent WRT to understanding - bTW Indians (East Indians) talk with "walnuts in thier mouths" and in sing song - very pretty and i understand usually/mostly if not too many walnuts.

same with American Indians - who are the opposite! - speak in a monotone - but also slowly, so easy to understand.

Latinos and American Blacks have there own accent - which is thankfully slow, but though not "sing song" hard to follow. my GF is black gal with strong urban accent - she cannot undertand me nor i here via cellphone - we have to repeat what we say all the time!!!!!! - it gets old fast, but ok we deal with it. person to person we understand each other ok so all is well.

I think the "vowel shift" is the key to me not understanding - added to speed. and why vie Ausies and NZ i can "figure it out" via thier slower speech in spite of the vowel shifts (prob because there are words like "life" - L-eye-f which when shifted to "lif" sound like "lift" to me - etc.......) Patt ent vers Pate ent. etc////// it is not always easy to follow, and slow speaking lets me mentally figure it out.

Scotts and Brit Cockneys talk too fast with the similar accents as Ausies and Kwis, and so i have not idea what they are saying.

Irish do not seem to have such an expreme accent, almost american-ish so i have not prob understanding them.

BTW for me Scotts and North English i simply might as well be hearing Swaheli(sp), and Aussies are easier to understand than Kiwi (less vowel shift in the former in think).

I'm sure the whole picture is per one's origin - maybe Scotts understand Kiwis better than Irish/Americans etc........

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