Why is English the wordiest language?

What did you say? And what did you mean by it?

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Re: Why is English the wordiest language?

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Walker wrote: Thu May 16, 2019 4:31 pm
gaffo wrote: Thu May 16, 2019 5:29 am i see this thread is kinda old and i have repeated myself on it.

my apologies to all here. last 2 or so posts added nothing i already said weeks/months ago.

i do think that English is more French than German - 60/40 - overall today. IMO.

carry on gentlemen.
As the wordiest, it must be the most nuanced, which implies a greater depth of expression, if not understanding. Is it the wordiest because of deeper understanding by the English speakers?
no English is the wordiest due to history, any translator worth his salt can impart an Enlgish work into the most limited languages using their relivent prepositions/adverbs/etc..........to offer a concise 99-percent faithful translation.

what is the most limited language? asking here. I have no clue myself. (I do know of the limits of Greek ("brother vs family), and Roman's ability to translate into Latin that Jesus was an only child, yet had cousins (this of course offers the need to suspect the motives of the Latin translators - i.e. did they translate to suit there own theological needs/understanding - or was the translation honest? (for that one needs to understand the overal theme of the work - and if that offer no clue, then maybe i technically apt translation was in error).

generally, i find no fault with King Jame's bible from the little i know of it.
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Re: Why is English the wordiest language?

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wordiest? it's an obvious conspiracy by thesaurus publishers...

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