Goddess Houston Ibraim Versifies "Luxin's Screamin'"

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Goddess Houston Ibraim Versifies "Luxin's Screamin'"

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[ Goddess Houston Ibraim Versifies ]

Ah'm the goddess
got no name ,
but dey call me
Ib - ra - im .
Got two kids ,
Ah's d' 'mother o' many' ,
in fer a pound ,
in fer a penny .

Ma fool Luxin
e got th' game ;
boy is allus
callin' ma name
that Ah ain't got ;
so 'e calls me
the precious

In this 'ere town
th' Word is God ;
ya wanna fish
ya takes a rod .

Listen up angels !
here's th' Word
'bout ma ol' fool
fresh outta school .

Luxin's screamin' ;
folks is dreamin' ;
'e got the Word
ain't niver heard ;
Word'll shake ya ;
make ya ache .

Love lef' home
off t' roam ;
ain't no life
without a wife .

Fires is burnin' ;
no one learnin' ;
no one hearin' ;
lotsa fearin' .

Far too many
folks is dyin' ;
when Ah spies it
Luxin's cryin' .

Luxin's happy
'e's got th' Word ;
loves t' laugh
wit' the absurd .

Makes 'em happy
with 'is jokes ;
he's a fool
't loves all folks .

'e tells th' Truth
'n some folks screamin' ?
wanna be stoppin' ?
ol' Luxin .

They niver said it ;
they never felt it ;
Atman ain't never
had 'im a fit .

Slander's good ;
makes ya strong ;
love the scorner
all day long .

Luxin whistles
in 'is boat ;
with 'is peace
'e stays afloat .

Allus honest ,
Truth's 'is thing ;
with It Luxin's
Soul takes wing .

If folks cud hear
ol' Luxin's Word ,
there'd be peace
't folks ain't heard :
bells be ringin'
an' angels singin' !
or sump'n lahk that.

Way up ahead ,
Luxin be there .
You be there --
don't be square ;
Folks gotta care
cause Love's too rare .

The fiercest warrior fights for
a formidale master: the Self.

"The good",
scorned and silent,
are expanding suns
superseding all darkness.

Philosophy lacks excitement; Reason brings satisfaction; games bring excitement.
There are Reality and games; one may have one, not both. (Goddess Sarasvati)
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