"Libag" and Sand Eliminated Through the Skin

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"Libag" and Sand Eliminated Through the Skin

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"Libag" is a Filipino word for the toxic stuff that comes out of the pores of the skin when the skin is rubbed. It's not just skin because it will come out for hours; it's a combination of dead skin, sweat, oil and toxins that are brought from inside the body, via blood vessels, to the skin for elimination. A little bit will no doubt always be coming out of the pores without rubbing the skin, but it's pretty amazing how much will come out with rubbing; i.e. if your diet has been as toxic as mine was many years ago.

I haven't seen libag removal posted on the net as a cleansing method, but it is such.

Another fascinating thing I came across is grains of sand (silicon dioxide) coming out of the skin of my feet, and a few grains from my chest area. It has stopped now, so I know longer have my own portable beach. I've seen this on the net. A young lady was getting a considerable amount of sand on her floor, and discovered eventually it was coming from her body. She would be crunching while walking around her washroom.

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Re: "Libag" and Sand Eliminated Through the Skin

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Re: "Libag" and Sand Eliminated Through the Skin

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