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Evangeline of the Loving Heart

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That evening, he heard the young Russian woman's sudden heartbroken weeping and, somewhat shocked, wondered what her story was. He and his wife were temporarily staying in a resort cabin while their house was being painted, and that afternoon, due to the cabin's low ceiling, he had had to lift his barbell outside on the grass. Neither he nor the Russian couple next door were social and didn't say hello. He just felt them glancing at him. He yelled as usual with each vertical power upstroke.

They ran into the young woman the next day while food shopping on the main road. The slim bodybuilder asked the woman to join them for a juice. Not finding any English, the tallish long haired brunette woman softly seemed to say "Da" with both her voice and dark brown eyes. "Here, darling", Slim said, gesturing to an outdoor table, "Please sit". Slim ordered three juices.

"Is he at your cabin?". "Da, yes sir, he sleeps hours now". "Could you please tell me your story?" "You want to know?" "Yes, darling, your essential story. I heard you weeping last night." The gypsy looks beauty watched her glass sadly, her bottom lip trembling slightly. "You're safe with us. Let's move to a back table". The three moved carrying their glasses. Slim sat back to the wall to watch the outside.

Softly and sadly she began. "He is mafia. I am 19 and prisoner travel partner. I taken from small town, my parents not know where I am. He is simple in the head, does bad things, thinks he loves me. Thinks it OK he use me in bed cause I am present of boss. He not all bad, just stupid. He worship me and listen to me. I in control -- other mafia not know. In bed I say what he do. He's like kid. Mafia friends would laugh him if they knew. Nothing silly happen. I hold him all night, he likes it. I don't hate him or them but I must escape. I just lose mind on all the stupid."

"We will help you. Tomorrow my friend Susanna will come by your cabin and talk with you both. My 200 pound 6 foot friend will tell the lovable dumbo he'll never see you again, and if he stands in your way, Susanna of the Good Right will make an appearance. Susanna has an amazing right foot that they call "the baby killer". She received a job offer as security woman in the local public market, but declined it, saying "My foot art is spontaneously inspirational, for good causes only, and not for sale".

"We'll be waiting for you in a nearby van, in which I'll introduce you to Gloria, who owns a store in the next town you can help her run in your new life. It's goodbye mother Russia for you now, but we'll help you make contact with your parents. What's your name, darling?"

"I am Evangeline. I appreciate very much your help."

Slim said softly and dispassionately, "You're going to be fine; I mean this in the highest sense. With your Forgiveness, which only comes with a heart full of Love, you are protected. Though your life will continue to have many challenges, you will never, darling Evangeline, suffer the Divine Retribution of the many trapped by evil destiny.
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