What is wrong with _______?

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What is wrong with _______?

Post by commonsense » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:45 am

[insert one or more of the following: the GI Generation, the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, the Lost Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, Generation Z]

Pick any generation you like, or, more aptly, you dislike for its stereotypical habits and behaviors, its common character flaws and peculiarities, or its just plain idiotic thinking. Think of your own or another generation, perhaps one with which you’ve encountered conflict. Choose a target generation, if you will, from your workplace, your family, your academic environment or from public occurrences.

How does the target generation annoy you the most? How do you avoid or compensate for those annoying behaviors, peculiarities of character or idiosyncrasies of thought in your own right?

Naturally, of course, my generation, the Boomers, have no unlikeable habits, characteristics or thoughts. It’s all of the younger generations that do not understand the importance of respect for one’s elders. Why, when I was growing up, I learned respect because my elders said I would have it or they would beat it into me. Ask either of my friends about me and they’ll tell you I’m as strong as a rock emotionally and as solid as a gorilla when it comes to self-discipline.

(To all who actually know me, the previous paragraph was pure fiction—except that I am a Boomer—and intended as provocation for other readers.)

Do you see others in terms of their generational differences? Do others make unfair and untrue assumptions about you, based on your age?

Do you find generational stereotypes to be helpful? Most would say not, but perhaps you disagree. Do stereotypes, while not effective predictors of anything, provide explanation in hindsight?

Share your observations and experiences here.

BTW, are you the parent of an adolescent or are you an adolescent? (This pairing belongs to a special instance of generational conflict, too exhaustive to discuss here.)

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