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Re: Frustration

Post by EchoesOfTheHorizon » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:15 am

The documentary I was producing for Thales (gonna redo it soon here, android software even when paid for isn't up to snub with PC abilities, just looking for a program able to do the format Amazon Video and ITunes accepts) wasn't aimed at the masses, it had entire large blocks of quotes from primary texts read out loud. If you watched it, you got a long walk through across many variations on modern and ancient opinions regarding Thales. Only someone really interested in him would stick it out after a while, as it aims literally at everything. It isn't a history channel sort of documentary, meant to be entertaining.... entrancing yes, like how the Middle East has poetry on tv, but we don't do stuff like that in the west, as far as I'm aware.


Just, you'll never turn a profit with a very well documented documentary of the very best sources that goes really in depth, unless you charge $100 for the episode, just like how today you can buy a good translation of a specialist text for $100+ dollars, if you tried for less, yes more people will buy it, but it wouldn't be worthwhile for someone doing it for the money. I don't do things for the money, but for the sake of others having the knowledge.... but that also means I'm often strapped for cash to produce. Catch-22. It can be done though. I'll stick a silly arbitrary price on the stuff, like 99 cents. If I can't pull off a quality video, dump it on YouTube. I'm more interested in real enthusiasts seeking it out than just random people.

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