Looking for people interested in an experimental argumentation website

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Looking for people interested in an experimental argumentation website

Post by lpdev » Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:19 pm

Hi everyone!

Over the last 6 years i developed a (non-profit) site for rational discourse based on my knowledge in programming languages and thoughts about the functioning of language itself. The site is highly experimental and i am looking for people that may be interested in testing it, add content and contribute with ideas for improvements.

The general idea of the Logipedia is to examine the validity of each possible statement imaginable by listing all possible argumentations for or against that statement based on observations that are themselves statements backed up by evidence (or not). Every argumentation is composed of statements that have their own page where they in turn can be examined.

The site might be a bit complex at first, that's why i suggest for anyone interested to browse the following links to get the idea behind it:
(I am not a theist, these are just examples for a possible discussion :mrgreen:)

If you wish to register in order to dabble with it, tell me here and i'll create an account for you.

Have fun

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