Got any good jokes?

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Re: Got any good jokes?

Post by Arising_uk » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:19 pm

Dontaskme wrote:Men who take the oath to commit to another person under gods sacred law should practice what they are preaching, he didn't stick to the law, instead he used me, turned out I was his fucking whore instead of his equal. ...
Where in Christianity does it say women are the equal of men?

With respect to this oath are you saying he was unfaithful as well? If not then maybe he took the 'to have and to hold' literally, do you remember the bit where you swore an oath 'for better or worse'?
He was a lair just like the rest of this scum human race...all lying whore scum bags. ...
Including you then?
You have no idea what I meant by multiple times, you only know what is inside your mind, your interpretation , smell your own shit, and stop sucking my dick. ...
You're a she-male?

By multiple times I presumed you meant more than once?

Arising_uk wrote:No, he did not belittle anyone, that is just your own inner whore speaking. I got the joke, it was hilarious, obviously you didn't because you have a filthy mind.
I must be a bit slow, explain the joke to me.

ARE YOU, that's good as so am I.
I always do.
And it's largely bullshit.

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Re: Got any good jokes?

Post by Walker » Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:12 pm

Lip Reading
What could go wrong?

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