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Re: What music are you listening to?

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Connor's disenchantment with the group also stemmed from certain objections to Corea's Scientology-inspired leadership style. "Chick had a lot of ideas that were part of his involvement with Scientology. He got more demanding, and I wasn't allowed to control my own solos. I had no power in the music at all. Then, we'd receive written forms about what clothes we could wear, and graphic charts where we had to rate ourselves every night – not by our standards, but his. Finally, we had to connect dots on a chart every night. I took all of it seriously because I had a lot of respect for Chick, but eventually I just felt screwed around. In the end, my only power was to quit."
Bro. I knew they dabbled in scientology but I didn't know chick went hard like that. It's understandable that a nerd jazz fusion keyboardist virtuoso might be such an arrogant arse because he's such a badass and he knows it. But exhibiting the kind of authoritarian behavior we see here is something else. He's like the Jim Jones of the keyboards then. Messianic delusions about oneself augmented with an undeserved sense of authority over others you associate with. And that scientology nonsense can really go to some people's heads. Like literally believing aliens mined gold from earth and that dianetics stuff. Tom Cruise was/is in scientology but I wonder about his level of commitment to it. Lotta celebs get into those designer new age religions just because.
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