False, What is True, Truth 1-7

Known unknowns and unknown unknowns!

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False, What is True, Truth 1-7

Post by WHYMASTER47 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:03 am

Hello All,
(FWIS) (From Where I Stand)
We must be aware that there is "Truth" and there is "True".
True is the State of Change. True exist in the "Present".
True is in a constant state of Change.
Truth is Changeless, (here-to-date unchanged), and so being it is Exist outside of the Present.
There is a relationship between Truth and False, in that, both compare and refer to what is "True".
(What is Truth) and (what is False) floats on the edge of Change and here only, they are one and the same, in that neither can Change. The "Truth" and the "False" can not be "TRUE"
They are not True.
What is True is ever Changing.

WHYMASTERS list of Truths
These are the only "TRUTHS" that I have found, and that remain a "TRUTH" all the time, in every circumstance.
So Far, #8 is in the works

#1 "and this to shall change." and "Change only occurs in the Present."
#2 "Density Matters.".
#3 "Nature suffers no Void."
#4 "A Human Being is restricted (Having No Choice or Free Will) to the acts that are "Humane." "Mankind is not."
#5 "The Trebling of Matter of the near void, only manifest a continuum temporal toward Creation."
#6 "The Trebling of Matter of the most dense only manifest a continuum temporal toward Destruction."
#7 "Dimensions/Forms Endures beyond substance"
Your E-Pal OMJerry WHYMASTER47@cox.net

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