Truth Value is Determined by a Middle Context

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Truth Value is Determined by a Middle Context

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A unicorn exists = T/F
A unicorn exists as a dream = T
A unicorn exists as an empirical biological entity = F

"A unicorn exists" can always be either justified or falsified dependent upon the context it is represented through. "A unicorn exists" is true when it reflects under the context of "dream".

Both the "unicorn" and the "dream" share a symmetry through "imagination" which acts as an underlying context both "unicorn" and "dream" exist through. Imagination is A Superpositioned Context.

Both the "unicorn" and the "biological entity" have an absence of symmetry through the context of "empiricality" which is a context that does not underlie both "unicorn" and "biological entity" but only "biological entity". "Empiricality" is underlying context which "unicorn" and "biological entity" do not share, thus an absence of symmetry as an absence of shared context is observed. Unicorns Are Not Empirical.

Truth And Falsifiability Change According To The Context Presented, Thus "A Unicorn Exists" Is Both True And False.
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