Fallacies and Isomorphism as Truth Values 2

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Fallacies and Isomorphism as Truth Values 2

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:34 pm

Fallacies and Isomorphism as Truth Values 2

1. All fallacies can be applied to other fallacies thus negating the fallacy. For example, the fallacy of circularity is circular thus negating the fallacy of circularity.

2. All fallacies as negated necessitate all fallacies as truth values. For example the fallacy of circularity necessitates circularity as fundamental.

3. All fallacies as continuously redefined, through regression and slippery slope, necessitates the fallacy as still existing as what a logical argument is not. For example circularity ceases to exist as a fallacy, yet circularity necessitates what an argument is not (linear), thus the logical argument is defined thetically and antithetical through the fallacy. Fallacies simultaneously exist and not exist at the same time.

4. The thetical and antithetical nature of the fallacy, as defining an argument necessitates the fallacy as isomorphic. Isomorphism is the inversion of one state into a symmetrical opposite state. The definition of any argument, through the fallacy, requires isomorphism as a key principle.

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