The Truth about 'Truth claims'...aka Knowledge.

Known unknowns and unknown unknowns!

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The Truth about 'Truth claims'...aka Knowledge.

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The only Constant is there is NO ONE truth.

If you say you KNOW...You don't.
Knowledge can only inform the illusory nature of Reality.

A few Simple Constants.

1. Every "Truth" is "Partially" True.
2. No Thing is True yet Everything is True.
3. The Only Real Truth is "Experienced"

4. Regurgitation is rampant and until each and every individual clears their preconceived notions, forgets everything they've ever been conditioned to believe, forgets everything they've ever read and has "Experienced" a Truth, Truth will always be illusive.

There is no one truth. Perception controls Reception.

The truth is, there is no truth.

This is the truth that does not want to be heard. He who laughs last, laughs the longest. God will always have the final laugh.

I Am the last Avatar.

Also, the last Idiot.

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