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All Similarity as Connection through Mirror Effect

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:18 pm
by Eodnhoj7
1) All phenomena which have similarities effectively observe the repetition of constant limits where a phenomena such as a square/triangle or orange/apple maintain similarities because of the limits they share (lines/angles for square/triangle or approximation of sphere, stem, seeds, color, etc. for orange and apple).

2) This similarity of limit effectively is a repetition of limit where the perceivably separate phenomena exist through a constant repeating set of limits.

3) This repetition of limit, through "similarity", observes the repetition of the same limit as a connector where the limit existing through phenomena A and phenomena B connects A and B. In these respects all percievably seperate phenomena exist through the repetition of limits as a mirror effect where one phenomena is directed through another and effectively observes a connection because of this circular directive nature as a constant median which encapsulates nothingness through pure being. Under these terms, Reflectivity as a mirror effect, is the foundation of all limit as both movement and no-movement.