Deductivity, Inductivity and Abductivity as Qualitatively Directional

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Deductivity, Inductivity and Abductivity as Qualitatively Directional

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:47 pm

Inductive reasoning exists as the summation of parts towards a more general unified form which in itself is probabilistic because of the parts it contains. This unification of logistic parts that exist as actual move towards a potential unification, under some general form, which becomes a logistic part in itself.

This general form in turn is inverted, through deduction and broken down into various new parts, and the cycle alternates back upon itself. Where deductive reason claims certainty in the part itself as being true, this truth is merely an observation of a localized truth which is both composed of and composed further localized truths and in these respects is merely a means of relation being viewed.

Inductive reasoning is the movement of atomic facts towards eachother to form a new atomic fact where deduction is the reverse as the movement of an atomic fact (as a generality in this case) towards further atomic facts. In these respects reason exists fundamentally through direction as the limit which composes a set of measurements as further limits.

The third form of reasoning, as abductive, observes the simplest means of explaining a set of facts regardless of the measure of truth or falsity in them. In these respects it observes the atomic fact and the corresponding generality (which exists merely as the premise measurment from which one atomic fact moves to another as inductive reasoning observes the generality as the end while deductive observes it as the beginning).

Simplicity, in these respects, is the observation of "a means as a limit in itself" and abductivity can be generalized as the means of the argument, regardless of truth value, from which its self-evident nature is manifested as being completely neutral.

In these respects, as a limit which in itself is neutral, abductivity takes on a dual role of hypothesis ( ... third post down) from which possible limits may be derived as it is absent of a discernable truth value in itself except as existing axiomatically.

In these respects deductivity, inductivity and abductivity take on and provide a directional role in the foundation of reason where

1) Deductivity is directed towards itself (intradimensional) where the resulting atomic facts form an approximate set of facts in themselves existing from the unified general truth.

2) Inductivity is extradimensional in the respect atomic facts are directed away from their own origins towards eachother which is further directed towards a generality.

3) Abductivity is intradimensional in the respect that atomic facts and generalities are directed through eachother as eachother as an axiom in itself.

4) The triadic nature of Deductivity, Inductivity and Abductivity observes reason being qualitatively "directive" in nature.

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