The Body as a Structure for Knowledge of Needs

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The Body as a Structure for Knowledge of Needs

Post by The Voice of Time » Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:32 pm

I've been having an idea for a long time. I've come to see the body as a map, in which the way we see the body can be correlated with a structural build-up of needs in the form of excesses and lacks throughout the body, all with respect to our inherent interests of seeing something be-in-time. Like we have an inherent interest in our mind, which is to experience something as being in time but the thing we experience is also coherent with other interests (and when those interests crash we experience confusion), and the body and those things affecting the body must adjust so as to maximally support this being in time.

In so doing, the body becomes a map of different adjustments that has to be done for optimal performance, including a need to determine the vision that should be held when optimizing, as conflicts of interests arise and must be dealt with, preferably through expanded alternatives, but also likely through an enforced collision that melts the interests under destructive fusion.

The most interesting, to me, aspect of this though, is what it means for newborns and foetuses, and how the satisfaction of their interests could lead to a very different society and very different way of thinking about the life of human beings.

All this is mainly an exploration... do you think it's a good and profitable exploration? Do you think it holds lasting truth to it? What do you think could be the consequences for children growing up? Do you agree when I claim now that the body has a double-sided view to it, one for its composition and functionality, and one for its reality of having lacks and excesses in respect to the interests created by its mind which has a need for experiencing/perceiving being in time?

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