epistemology nihilism

Known unknowns and unknown unknowns!

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epistemology nihilism

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When one understands The Truth sufficiently it is neigh impossible to locate collaborators willing and able to improve the craft.

When you understand how little most people understand of the fundamental nature of reality, how anything works, or basic cognitive constructs like ethics and knowledge, how can you possibly communicate meaningfully about the concepts that are most meaningful? And how can one ever effect meaningful change with that restriction?

Even those who "get it" on some level are still subject to salience, perspective, and property, each of which can disqualify them from operating at the highest levels of understanding.

Is philosophy useless by default because there's no practical way to distinguish the good from the bad to ordinary people, or because of other ordinary logistical constraints? Must there be a holy mountaintop cave somewhere for True Philosophers to proceed out from under the thumb of material and temporal constraints? Where do i sign up?
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