Time as Form through Retrocausality

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Time as Form through Retrocausality

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Distinction is the divergence of one phenomena into another. The fundamental nature of division sets the foundation for all terms as potential new terms therefore having a formless nature. This formless nature of all phenomena, as potential phenomena, necessitates that given any assertion it will always be finite largely because of it's necessary connection to a context.

It is this potentiality, as formlessness, which mandates all actualized phenomena as having a dualistic nature that defines them for what they are or are not. All phenomena as dually being actual and potential necessitates that contexts are connected across time thereby necessitating a a transfinite state.

For (A --> B), "A" must have within its capability to morph into B. B must exists in a higher temporal state across the time line for A to occur. Given that B is an effect of A, and B is a cause through A by default, all causality has a "reverse" or "retrocausal" nature where B determines A given that A exists if and only if it has a potential state in which to morph.

It is this ability for A to morph into B, and B determining that A exists, which shows that one phenomena exists in multiple superpositioned states given a larger view of a timeline in which everything exists simultaneously. The future state of being, where one formless state is given form through a larger timeline, necessitates the future is connected to the present and the past in a way which determined it.

This retrocausal nature, where A morphs into B and B determines whether if at all A exists, necessitates time as having a cyclical nature. Time is the manifestation of the same phenomena in different positions where one phenomena effectively expands and then contracts like a pulse across any given timeline. This expansion and contraction necessitates time as stretching out of a phenomena into a given form from a much higher perspective. This pulse, where the phenomena expands and contracts, further reflects that of a spiral where the potential form of a phenomena is the reactualization of it into a different form.

Potentiality is the the means through which a phenomena moves through actualization, and takes on a higher form of actualization when observed from a higher timezone in which things occur simultaneously. Time takes on the nature of a form through retrocausality.
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Re: Time as Form through Retrocausality

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