The Knowledge of rising violence.

Known unknowns and unknown unknowns!

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philosophic nature
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The Knowledge of rising violence.

Post by philosophic nature » Thu May 02, 2019 7:24 am

Hello everybody,

my Name is Dominik and i come from germany. I almost think, that the society is ill.
We have so much problems, and I dont know how to make it better.
I almost feel, that humans fool each other, and produce stress.
On streets i feel almost such a powerful climate of violence.
I often have the fear, to get "knocked down" by some aggressiv players, who think they
are better than myself. I often think, love is not existing because its unrational.

Love is not counted, by the things people tell. They always want to hear about high action,
and crimes. Thats what normal people find interesting. I dont feel any interest in hurting
each other. No matter if it goes by violence or by words.
Why do I feel a rise of aggressivity in our society?

I almost fear that the terrororganisation IS wil make some false-flags in Germany.
This is what i fear. And that those are the beginnings of a bigger bad event, that will destroy europe.
So I almost fear about terrorism and war so i think, that future is designed by war on our streets.

What do you think about my theory?


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Re: The Knowledge of rising violence.

Post by Impenitent » Sun May 05, 2019 6:27 pm

human nature hasn't changed...

we simply have better weapons and instant communication regarding their use...


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