So what's really going on?

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In the 18th century, Carl von Lynne, a Swedish classifying specialist, came up with a new category of Homo, which he labelled Sapiens – “wise” – probably to distinct it from the former and to give it a superior touch. If so, erroneously, as being wise was applied to the one who has common sense and relates himself according to his Point of View - whereas Sapiens, being a product of Dualism, has neither common sense nor an individual (indivisible) Point of View, and thus tries to relate himself with the help of a feedback-mechanism called intellect.

In Dualism intellect acts as a double-feedback mechanism which, when applied to the there from emanating viewpoints, turns into a division/ multiplication process (renown as rationalism) that brings about a dual-linear procession (chain-reaction) of viewpoints*. Attempts to inhibit this process(ion) through a 3rd position, or virtual viewpoint, can be found in the alternating and contrary R/P system (**) as well, but both contain the possibility of an identification with this viewpoint and thus of an integration of the others. Whereas in the Geometry of Dualism, this position, or viewpoint, appears separate as well and thus initiates, in conjunction with the intellect, an auto-fragmentation process.
*viewpoints can occur where there is no “Point of View”

Greek philosophers and geometricians, who already encountered this process, expected it to be limited by a Smallest and a Largest, and thus bring about a union of micro- and macrocosm. These expectations got thwarted by Sapiens, when he placed the intellect into his cerebellum and thus made himself to the centre of the fragmentation process, whose dual linear dynamic forces him to carry it on into opposite directions, which led him so far to the two smallest that mark the boundaries of his universe – but not to the end of the fragmentation process, as each of these smallest is a time/space event of it. Moreover, he furthers this process, by furnishing each of the events (which are actually the same) with attributes and measurements, in order to fix them (and the process) and to place them at its (hopefully: smallest) beginnings.

(**) for details see "Selfrealisation" chapter 2 - waechter418.wordpress.com
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Re: Homo-Sapiens

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waechter418 wrote: Tue Dec 03, 2019 4:56 pm
(**) for details see "Selfrealisation" chapter 2 - waechter418.wordpress.com
Does this so called "Selfrealisation" chapter actually conclude with who and/or what the Self actually IS?

If yes, then what IS thee Answer.

If no, then it is just another misleading, or deceiving, term being used, once again.
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