So what's really going on?

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Mind is the mother imagination – imagination is the mother of myths.
Myths are sustained by belief.

The lifespan of myths depends on the faith of their beholders.

In order to survive, myths devise supporting myths, or update their terminologies. Thus genesis turns into genetics, god into big bang and Homo into Sapiens, who covers the manipulations with evolution myths.
(Apropos: survival concepts are myths too.)

Most religious- moral- social- political- economical and historical myths are to bind collectives - yet, there are also plenty of myths concerning mind and body, and probably more about Life & Death.

And then there are, what may be called, the EGO myths which are to embellish and to elevate somebody - as for example Sapiens who, being borne into the Homo family in Sweden, became – with the support of the enlightenment movement and its scientific followers – in less than a century the crown of creation, supreme of mankind, ruler of the earth, and in order to back this myth, backdated his origin 250 000 years into an East African Savannah.
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