The Negation of the Mind/Body Paradox by "Space".

So what's really going on?

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The Negation of the Mind/Body Paradox by "Space".

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:23 pm

Dots and Lines are both Constructs of the Mind and Empirical Phenomenon; hence they provide a foundation for all "being" as axiomized by "space".

1) All phenomenon are points relative to other phenomenon by distance. I can stare a point of light in the distance, walk towards it, only to see it unfold as a car or some other object. The point is an empirical phenomenon.

2) People always stair as a specific point in space, before looking at another point. All observation is premised on the progression of stairing at one point and then moving to another. We can see this in the process of deductivity where phenomenon are broken down to finite points. The point maintains a dual empirical and abstract nature. The nature of induction, as a movement of finite atomic facts (as points of awareness deemed by there axiomatic nature), maintains this dual nature abstraction to a general law as a "point" in itself or empirically by observing the connection of finite phenomenon (such as bricks and wood) to another finite more general phenomenon (the house).

3) Because the line observes an inherent boundary of movement, as a movement in itself relative to other movements, the line exists as both an abstract and empirical phenomenon. Simple the movement of one empirical phenomenon from point A to point B necessitates not just the line as existing as a temporal entity, but the ability for the phenomenon to move at all existing because of this universal "form".

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