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Measuring Reality as 1 Dimensional Neccessitates Connectivity

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:54 pm
by Eodnhoj7
1) The question of Reality, its various natures and questions of meaning, can be observed through the quantification of it as 1 and the qualification of it as Unity.

2) The measurement of reality by quantified it as 1 and qualifying it as unity, observes both quantity and quality through 1 and unity as extensions of it the vary same reality being measured; hence quantity and quality stem from the limit of "The All".

3) This measurement of the all through the all, observing the fundamental acts of measuring in both quantity and quality as connected through eachother under "The All", reflects the all as measurement through measurement as measurement where 1 and Unity exist through a reflective process as the foundation of all being; hence all phenomena are connected through a mirroring process.