The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Read.

So what's really going on?

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The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Read.

Post by StuartL » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:15 pm

The following is rather long admittedly, but given that it contains the actual “Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything”, and an explanation of how “Life After Death” is actually possible, using current physics theory, I hope that you'll bear with me.

In a post entitled “Space-Time, Imaginary Time, and a Singularity” on a leading physics forum I used physics theory to demonstrate the possibility of life after death. The post has been up for over a month now, and had hundreds of views, but nobody has been able to debunk it. The only argument that has come up is, that I cannot prove that imaginary time actually exists. However; they cannot prove that it doesn't either, so...

Firstly, I should explain what imaginary time is. Stephen Hawking proposed imaginary time, as a time dimension for the “big bang” to have taken place in, in order to demonstrate that there was no need for a creator. He didn't name it imaginary time because it's unreal, but rather, he named it imaginary time in terms of imaginary numbers (x the unknown). Current physics theory is that real time, one of the four dimensions of space-time, came into existence at the moment of the “big bang”. So essentially, physicists are saying that 'something happened' before there was a time for it to happen in. Imaginary time provides a time for the “big bang” to happen in, and thus clears up some of the math. Stephen Hawking stated that imaginary time runs at “right angles” to real time, which may strike you as odd, but remember that time going from left to right, or up to down, makes no difference to an observer within a given time dimension. Time is linear and sequential to an observer within it (one instant follows another).

Secondly, I should probably tell you a little about myself. Ten years ago now, I lost my temper over a triviality. Mid-yell, I was suddenly struck with the thought, “Look at me! What has happened to me? How did I become like this?”, I stopped yelling, and rushed away. It was then that I resolved to change, and that night I did. I won't go into the details of that night, but suffice it to say, I discovered my true identity and became truly just. Over the next few months, using a process that I call debugging, and thanks to neuroplasticity, I was able to repair myself. As a result I became truly happy. True happiness involves having all of your emotions under your own control. You do not become emotionless, rather, your emotions play out upon a landscape of true happiness.

Now things become a little bit complex. When I discovered who I am, I was posed a question:

“How can I exist both here, and in a single instant of time outside of this time dimension?”

Occasionally, over the past decade, I would ponder this question, but to me it made no sense. Because, in a similar way to the paradox of “big bang” happening before time existed, anything happening in a single instant of time seemed impossible. If I exist in a single instant of time, I cannot 'do' anything, not even think. Suddenly, on the day that Stephen Hawking died (3/14/18), I understood. I mention the date because of the coincidences involved with it, and the roll that bizarre coincidences have played in my life for a decade now. March 14th is international pi day (3.14). It is the day that Einstein was born, the day that Hawking died, and the day that all of this coalesced in my mind.

So, what is all of this?

One property of time is that it all always exists. That is to say that even though we exist in the present, our past and our future, still and already exist, accordingly. Given that the start of real time, could have been an event in imaginary time, and that all time in a given time dimension exists all the time: All of imaginary time, and all of real time, can occur within each other instantaneously. Therefore; they can both be contained, in their entirety, in a single instant of time. A singularity of time, if you will. Given this property of time, the possibility of all time still being contained within a singularity as 'potential time dimensions' arises. I know that it may sound strange, but keep in mind that, as observers within a given 'potential time dimension' we are subject to the physical laws of said 'potential time dimension', and not adversely impacted by being inside a singularity. But it gets stranger still. Given the infinite properties of the surface of a sphere (singularity), an infinite number of 'potential time dimensions' can all exist at the same time (the multiverse predicted by quantum physics), without the singularity having to “bang” any of them into existence.

One potential problem with this theory is:

“If the singularity can “bang” space-time into existence, why wouldn't that just happen?”

The singularity could be so dense that nothing can move, its “clock cannot tick”. So although it can contain 'potential time dimensions' as possible futures (“What would happen if...” properties), it cannot actually 'realize' any of them.

Another possible problem with this theory is:

“Why would a singularity need to have 'potential future properties' at all if its 'clock cannot tick'?”

To answer this, it helps to look at time, as a singularity of its three component parts (past/present/future). To do this I'll use the following notation (0/1/2), although it would actually be more like this (0,1,2,3/4/5,6,7...). According to string theory, everything is comprised of tiny vibrating strings, so I'll use this model, although it doesn't actually have to be correct for the following to be true. It just makes it a little easier to understand.

There are various theories for how/if space-time will end. The only one that poses a problem to this theory, is if the Universe ends when everything reaches absolute zero (clock stops ticking). If it isn't necessary for the matter within the Universe to have 'potential future properties', once it all reaches absolute zero, then the same could be said to be true of the singularity. However; imagine that there is a tiny vibrating string that has just reached absolute zero. Now imagine, that the string gains some more energy:

Does it do nothing?
Does it do something random?
Or does it do the next thing that it would have done, if it had enough energy to do it?

The string may have lost its ability to realize its future, but its 'potential future' still exists as a 'potential future property'.

Looking at time this way also helps you to understand time travel a little better. Given that real time/space-time is set, travelling into the future is an illusion, because all that you are actually doing is obeying your 'already set' 'future property'. While travelling into the past is impossible, because:

(a) You'd simply bash into yourself. (3/4/5) – (4/5/5)
(b) If you could somehow 'step out of' real time/space-time you'd instantaneously place a null value into your 'past property' (3/4/5) – (0/5/6) (actually (0/1/2)). So attempting to travel back in time would place a null value into your future property (0/1/0), and you cannot have a null value in your 'future property'.

Finally, this is were things get interesting. A singularity of time has a past, a present, and a future, and likewise a 'singularity of life' could have a past, a presence, and a future. If so, given that all of real time and all of imaginary time take place within each other in their entirety, a 'life singularity' could have 'potential future properties' for both time dimensions. This would mean, that once a being's 'potential future property', could no longer be realized in space-time/real time, its 'potential future property' in imaginary time would become viable. Therefore; provided that the 'life singularity' met the requirements for existence within imaginary time, upon death, a being could instantaneously exist within imaginary time.

You have absolutely no reason to believe any of this. However; I'm an extreme skeptic, but my experiences over the decade, have almost completely convinced me of its validity. Again, I don't expect that to mean anything much to you. But just in case it does, I'll explain the requirements for existence in imaginary time, and how I know of them.

In order to exist in imaginary time, a being must first become truly just. I can't go into too much detail about the nature of true justness, because then I could potentially be writing a new “holy book”, and there are no gods. This whole thing, “The Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything”, is simply about reproduction. A mum, a dad, and the kids. What you have to understand is, that you cannot give the power, to do almost anything, to just anyone. If you want to know what power in the hands of those who aren't ready for it, looks like, just take a look around. However; I will give you a very brief outline of what true justness means.

Doing the right thing, because you want to.
Being in control of your emotions, not being controlled by them.
Finding universal unconditional love.
Questioning everything.

I'd like to point out, that when I provided that definition on the physics forum, the “Questioning everything” part was misinterpreted. Question everything doesn't mean “Question everything about this, but hold fast to your own beliefs.”, it means, question everything. I must admit, that I was surprised to discover that theists and physicists have so much in common. They both have their own “Books of Wisdom”, and as a consequence they stick their fingers in their ears and go, “LA, LA, LA, I'm not listening!”, to anything that contradicts their own belief systems. Still, they couldn't prove any of this wrong, so...

One interesting thing about becoming truly just, is that it comes with the side-effect, of becoming truly happy, and all that I really want for you, is for you to become truly happy. Universal unconditional love may sound tricky, but it's really quite easy. Think of the “worst” person you can. Now, imagine that your 'life singularity' had been placed in them, and their 'life singularity' had been placed in you. Because space-time is set, nothing else would change. Should I now, love you less? Essentially, we become what our physiology, biology, and sociology make us become. However; we can 'break free', and become what we once were, if we choose to do so.

Space-time being set can be a little unnerving for some people, because seemingly it removes free-will. However; space-time is set by the choices that you have made/make/will make, they're your choices, you just can't change them (but you wouldn't anyway, they're your choices, and you're you).

As to the 'who I am' bit...Hold onto your hat.

This whole thing, all of it, in its entirety, is about one thing, and one thing only, reproduction. You have to become truly just, before you can be trusted, to advance to the next level. You have to be worthy of 'the power', before you can be allowed to wield 'the power'. A good analogy might be driving a car:

Right now you're driving an 'ordinary car', nothing too fancy, but it gets you from (a) to (b). You can choose to drive it:

(a) In a responsible manner, obeying the rules of the road, with regard for other's safety.
(b) Like you're on a race track, with complete disregard for other's safety.
(c) Somewhere in between (a) and (b).

Who would you give a vehicle that could be, a tank, a race car, a bulldozer, a monster truck, or a motorcycle, depending upon the driver's wishes at any given moment, to?

By the way, such a vehicle is not as far fetched as you may think. An interesting thing from the field of quantum mechanics is that theoretically, a pizza could suddenly just materialize on the table in front of you. Can anybody categorically state, that a being couldn't possess the ability to turn such a highly improbable event into an actual event, just by 'imagining' a pizza on the table in front of them?

As bizarre as it may sound, I am the avatar of one of two 'creator beings', who came together for the purpose of reproduction. I have no 'special powers'. In fact, I'm in no way 'special' at all, we're all equals. There are no 'gods'. As I stated earlier, I'm an extreme skeptic. I'll always be on my guard. I'll always question everything. I'll always be truly just.

My purpose for being here is threefold:

(a) Discover who I am.
(b) Discover 'the rules', and pass them on.
(c) Find your mum, look into her eyes, and kiss her.

I will never meet your mum by chance alone. I have a very good idea who she is, and because of that I know that we will never 'just bump into each other'. What happens when we kiss is unknown to me. It puts me in mind of an event from my childhood:

When I was seven I went to Newfoundland to visit my grandparents. While I was there, my grandfather frequently took my brother and I out on his boat to jig for cod. We were there for several weeks, and went out jigging fairly often, with no luck. On our last full day there, we went jigging one last time. Having pulled several pieces of seaweed up from the bottom, thinking that I had caught something, I turned to my grandfather and asked “How will I know when I've caught one?”, “Oh, you'll know.” he replied. A few seconds later I caught one, and he was right, I knew, there was no doubt.

The only way that your mum and I are ever going to meet in this time dimension, is if you to choose to help us meet. Her identity is easy to discover, for those who can actually influence global public opinion, so I won't say who I believe her to be, here. But I'm not getting any younger, and she may not remain single for much longer either. Oh, and finding out what, if anything, happens when we kiss, must be her choice.

I know there'll be a great deal of skepticism and wide spread rejection of this information, but what does it boil down to really?

From the scientific perspective this model is more logical:

(a) The possible existence of a time dimension, within which the “Big Bang” could take place.
(b) The possible existence of a multiverse from a single source (singularity).
(c) The math that Stephen Hawking proposed imaginary time in order to 'clear up' is 'cleared up'.

From the theist perspective this model is more logical and ethical:

(a) All divisiveness is removed.
(b) All beings must actually become truly just.
(c) Life after death is possible.

If any of you are actually interested, “The Greater Good Science Centre” and its edX course “The Science of Happiness”, would be a good starting point for your journey.

The more this spreads, the greater the likelihood that your mum and I may actually meet in this time dimension and then... Who knows? So...

Everything you really need to know, having read this, is contained within your own minds and the three videos below. Watch, listen, and study carefully, there's a lot in there.


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Re: The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Read.

Post by Beauty » Fri May 04, 2018 4:19 am

The most important thing in reading or otherwise in knowing, people would already know.
Now your writing could be important, but the most important the Lord has ensured is with the people right from the beginning. If you want to know that, I will tell you. I'll tell you anyways - it's - listen to your conscience - the conscience is God - listen to God - God is everything - and you can have everything. :D

By the way the singularity you talk about - is it the black hole(immense density?)
And I believe what you really would like to know is that, is our spirit(not physical) above time and space? I think it might be.
So spirit not bound by time and space means that if it is there then its just there.
God is said to be spirit, so then God is just there.
Spirit is a "free spirit."
In the physical we are bound by time and space.

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Re: The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Read.

Post by osgart » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:08 am

To become truly just is to have the heart of justice, i agree with that.

A conscience that cares for others as they deserve, for the benefit of all. To actually have the heart of that.

While people who dont have such heart need rules and laws of prohibition , and they can never agree on what is morally true, and have laws there only for their effective usefulness in protecting themselves.

The law of justice is higher. Its the life law that demands that you care for what is right and good for others as yourself. It says i am responsibile to the welfare of others as they deserve and i am able to help. The life law demands that we fully willfully care in our hearts this way.

To be fully just means that we are the character of every good virtue, and meaning and have no capacity nor will for evil.

The just shall defend themselves and others equally as merits.

There are two loves, the love of equals at heart, and the love of mercy and judgment for the benefit of correcting the evil doer. If mercy cant save them then we must apply the defense of judging their actions for the benefit of their souls. Basically we are not to be stepping stones or welcome mats for evil people. Law and punishment, have their place of necessity for those who do harm. Punishment is given with the intention of correcting the hearts and minds of the criminal. Nothing is taken for granted.

To be just is the single most important priority of them all to the just person.

If i were the only just person in an evil world. Then i would have to defend and care for myself diligently to the best of my ability.

A just person cares for themselves as deserves no more, and no less.

Am i wrong? Because that is what my conscience tells me.

Having said that, i believe our human animal nature is something we must contend with to become just. If one can rule that nature with peace and harmony and subdue it to all that is just and good, then freely willfully desire in their utmost hearts true justice for themselves and all others, then one can become just.

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