New approaches… (1)

So what's really going on?

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New approaches… (1)

Post by waechter418 » Fri May 19, 2017 11:11 pm

…to old concepts and old approaches to new concepts

It is recommended to study “Another view of Consciousness” in order to become familiar with the concepts underlying the following proposals.

Assuming that ConsciousNess is All, does not necessarily conclude that All is One, as very manifestation of ConsciousNess contains an unknown factor, which – when known – becomes another manifestation – thus multiplicity is born. Multiplicity is the cradle of differentiation – differentiation is subject to the R/P modes – their viewpoints cause restrictions – restriction retards Selfrealisation.
Attempts to reverse this process are many, they differ according to the R/P modes – but rarely seem to make it past EGO.

EGO is a closed circuit that consists of 8 R/P poles with 2 viewpoints which relate them in a cube-like manner.
When the two viewpoints check each other, a pseudo-self-consciousness comes about that has deceived Homo in all hemispheres & ages and been the cause of most of his troubles. Being a closed circuit the dimension of Ego appears to be a world of its own, but it is a mirror room.

EGO is also subject to the polarization-dynamic of Ra-Hoor-Khu, who, due to his Egyptian origin, represents moreover the contrary R/P mode, which enables to eliminate one of the 2 viewpoints and thus turn EGO into a R/P dynamic that relates itself through one viewpoint at a time (not to be confused with the Point of View of SelfConsciousNess).

The Ego-mode of Ra-Hoor-Khu is only applicable in Dualism.It is the favourite operation field of the Self-designer & the Warrior, as it enables to eliminate that which opposes and to crystallize that which supports the Selfrealisation.

Every R/P system, epoch, culture & generation brings fourth warriors to cleanse and fortify itself. They appear in drabs of saints, uniforms of generals or cloaks of magicians, their weapons are swords, letters, mantras, invocations, mathematical formulas, as well as electric guitars and Molotov cocktails.

The warrior is to counteract the proliferation (or globalization) of weaknesses – i.e. to stabilize the equation of strong & weak forces.

The complexities & corruptions of Dualism call for the use of guerrilla tactics and that the he operates alone and from a position which he keeps secret and which serves as his retreat to study the weaknesses and traps of his opponents. He may use their deception tactics and tricks to confuse them, but his attack ought to be precise and swift like a snake. He has to pay attention not to rush past his target, or to idle in it, but to retreat in the same manner and without leaving unnecessary (e.g.: personal) traces.

He has to avoid open confrontation (like argumentation), nor should he try to convert, seek followers, or play hero.

The warrior is not to attack Dualism, but its ill breeding. He is to be guided by Love & Will – and if he chooses by the Egyptian war god, but not by his desire for revenge, as it is to stir the fires of the weak and of their weaknesses, which the warrior lightens so that they may purify themselves (and their gods!)

As war god Ra-Hoor-Khu incites the “healthy instincts” (Nietzsche) of the beast to get rid of the rubbish Homo has accumulated during two millennia of Dualism and last not least, of its protagonist Sapiens, who spreads cancer-like through the cultures of other R/P systems and corrupts them with the fears, the avarices and the vile emotions that emanate from separation & differentiation and have, so to speak, become his trademarks.

Where Conscious & Ness (Existence) are handled separately, the psycho-somatic relativity is usually divided into Beast & Homo and the latter tries to identify, formulate & assert himself by means of discrimination, oppression and eradication of the former. And since with his civilization-projects his identity-problems grow as well, Homo degrades everyone as a beast (primitive, aborigine) who manages his existence without analyzing, dissecting and categorizing himself in order to assemble from the fragments an identity. Which Homo has not managed yet either – nor the elimination of his beast. In contrary – considering the obstinacy with which it attacks his religious & moral abstructs, wrecks his societies and wages wars with ever more & vicious weapons – it seems to be bend to eliminate its host.

As Homo cannot make peace with his Beast, without losing an adversary on whom he has built most of his self-concepts & -conceits, he searches for parallels in his perverted imaginations & interpretations of animal-beasts, to find reasons & excuses for his behavior and, last not least, to escape responsibility through generalizations – a method he has been using to justify and to transfer his vices and weaknesses, since he has become aware of them. However, generalization leads also in Dualism back to its originator, which is probably why his Theo- socio- psychologists try to isolate the space between its R/P fields (some call it hell, third-world & sub-consciousness) and to use it as a hiding place, or garbage dump, for everything whose return he fears. A risky method, as it eliminates the responsibility, but not the contents and their relativities which, thus unattended, can unfold dynamics that corrupt the virtues which have served his Selfrealisation-attempts.

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