Does god create man, or....

So what's really going on?

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Does god create man, or....

Post by waechter418 »

...does man create god ?
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Re: Does god create man, or....

Post by attofishpi »

waechter418 wrote:...does man create god ?
Well its not inconceivable that with the progress of technology and beyond the suggested "technological singularity", we may become immortal. This then presents a furthering increasing affect considering entropy. Then perhaps even aeons later, due to entropy, this 'immortality' thing might need to be scaled back some, to the point where we live to a ripe old age, die, and are judged by the all knowing AI of the technology that we had created aeons ago, prior to be given any right to again re-live. This AI may have by this point already setup a thing called a bible and included commandments that man is to be judged by should they wish to re-live.
Failing in their faith - raping, murdering, these poor souls are then converted to the energy of man - to be reincarnated as in the beast 666.

Its not inconceivable that this has already happened.

Reality:- REAL - IT - Y?

SINAI - where it is believed Moses received the commandments, breaks down to SIN-AI - and the Red Sea to scale gives us a nice 'peace' sign - or inverse, victory.

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Re: Does god create man, or....

Post by osgart »

man created God as an intelligent cause answer.

I am learning that people are sincere about this belief.

So I just have to accept irrational self delusion and personal bias as a strong make up of what many humans do.

I am sure that God is a concept that goes through periodic refinement as we learn more about the universe.

I accept intelligent cause but not God. invoking way to much power and omnipotence the God concept does.

I prefer to examine if their is an intelligent force in nature that is far from powerful yet created us. it could be a non living spiritual force. or non physical reality.
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