The meaning of Now "X"

So what's really going on?

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The meaning of Now "X"

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The Meaning of NOW X

1.)Nøntølogy, where the semen of the other inseminates itself into the "real", opens the canal of another-here-and-now (now x) that is possibility itself.

2.)This "familiar" now- before being itself- was already inseminated by the other (non) thing-ness; and what we call history was brought about by the occulted non of the opening.

3.) When the non produces itself, its way of appearing is not to appear, in a phrase, self-occultation.

°°€) The non is not simply "theological", as we might quickly believe. Older than god (but its not a question of time) it opens the possibility of all theology.

€£¥£€¥£) The now x of the non, that escapes all definitions according to code, is therefore no more scientific than it is irrational, both opaque and transparent, transcendental and immanent, and what we call "life" is ghosted (Hauntology) by an unmotivated-becoming of unit-less calculations in a poly-membranous temporality (now x)
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Re: The meaning of Now "X"

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