Endurantism and modern science

So what's really going on?

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Endurantism and modern science

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At face value, endurantism in inconsistent with Einstein's theory of relativity--specifically, special relativity. I've read that committed endurantists often respond to this problem in one of two ways: they assert that either (1) relativity is not a theory regarding reality per se but rather a constructivist account for it, or (2) while we might have to reject Einstein's original theory, we can appeal to empirical equivalents to it. I get the impression that a majority of endurantists follow (2), and I would like to know what empirical equivalents there are to special relativity that might appeal to them. Are any of them theories taken seriously by the scientific community?

*A side question regarding terminology: are the terms "perdurantism" and "four dimensionalism" supposed to be synonymous? Likewise for "endurantism" and "three dimensionalism"?
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Re: Endurantism and modern science

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I had the impression that the majority of endurantists follow (1).

Can you cite some examples of Einstein-deniers?
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