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Eureka!!! Pardon lacking relevance. "Cooperation and Tren"

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:00 pm
by The Voice of Time
Eureka!!! That which cooperates forms the bonds of the Tren.

Cooperations (not corporations) exist out of mutual investment (of effort) towards the same general end.

Therefore, when the acts of humans in their parts as reaction generators (directions from which change spawns) tend toward situations (maps of abilities/diagrams of need) that binds them through ability-immobility (incapacity to make counter-supportive change), a boundary is created that stretches across and into other humans, and if those other humans will not counter this settling of reaction generation patterns, there is a cooperation in a Trengasian sense and there is a Tren.

Again, pardon if nobody understands what I'm saying, I just felt compelled to share my eureka moment...