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Re: Faith and Books

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I am struggling as a Christian but I would HAPPILY devour the Atheist Reading Lists and participate in their Forums. I am a member of RDF (Richard Dawkins Forums) which is potentially a place of massive learning. I don't wish to hide any Christian belief but I also will not transgress rule about not preaching on the Forums. ( OK you probably think i am the antichrist mark II) I also read anti-God theorists such as Nietzsche. There is a massive list to read relating to Atheistic tradition in Philosophy as a logical explanation as to why NOT to believe. My intellectual life is too precious NOT to expose myself to a variety of beliefs and systems-provided I get mastery of the text/s-that offending one side to read the other is a good idea.
I cannot limit myself to sanitized texts or even philosophical texts that pass the test as that would limit my exposure to Philosophical viewpoints.
I also reckon if you cannot expose yourself to worldly or anti faith text your faith what ever there is of it cannot be that strong.
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